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MMC Africa Law
At the heart of society, but no one knows

Does a law firm need PR?

Law firms are associated only with the courts in Kenya. In fact at the beginning of the campaign, many people including peers in the field of PR wondered why a law firm would require the services of a PR agency when it really doesn’t have much to say. Or so they thought. However, legal matters are just one of multiple disciplines that constitute the enormous tasks undertaken by law firms.

The client’s client

Owing to the complexities of the legal field, many clients often complain of consistent misrepresentation. We also were faced with the challenge that lawyers are in themselves representatives of their own clients, who actually own the subject of communication and therefore have their own objectives and protocol. We therefore had to spend more time mapping out every possible area of communication both within the law firm as well as with their stakeholders, identify all pain-points and coming up with a solution to each.

Crafting an effective message

As you have seen, legal communications is at best delicate. We have to strike a fine balance between our client and his clients, to avoid any mishaps of reputation that can be disastrous. CALLA PR’s communication strategy was to position MMC Africa Law as Africa’s top commercial and litigation law firm, spanning decades worth of experience and networks across all spheres of society that would benefit those who enlist their services. We established a close-knit network of business and court reporters that supported the brand’s main messages. A strong business insight and data team was instituted to monitor industry trends, and support MMC’s thought leadership opportunities.

Delivering Results

The MMC campaign was probably the first successful law firm PR, achieving enormous media coverage that raised the profile of MMC Africa law locally and internationally. For the first time in Kenyan media, it was clearly understood the role played behind closed doors by law firms in the world of business. The campaign became key in opening new opportunities for MMC Africa Law.

Funguo Investment Case Study

Launching Funguo Investments Limited

When Funguo came to CALLA PR, they had one main problem – they were involved in mega deals that touched many lives and created livelihoods, but no one knew. FIL sought the expertise of CALLA PR to transform the 30-year old company’s image into a well-known brand. Due to the fact that it was largely unknown, its role in Kenya’s economy was unappreciated. Funguo’s new appetite for visibility was driven by the ambitious steps it was taking towards getting listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange in the near future.

High returns for investors

FIL bridges the gap between the people or institutions looking to invest their money and businesses looking for capital. Their core business is to provide its shareholders access to a quality investment portfolio. CALLA PR took on the assignment, building the narrative around Funguo’s role as a leading investments channels vehicle with the ability to grow shareholder investments and deliver high returns. The narrative involved a deliberate and aggressive business media offensive, that saw us package Funguo as ‘’the’’ tested investments company with high returns.

Tactics carried the day

With numerous media appearances worth tens of millions, Funguo initiated their own narrative, controlled by them in an effort to shape perceptions and meet their business objectives. With the projected image of an investments solutions authority, Funguo Investments Limited is now the go-to resource on matters economy, earning it more trust and premiums.

Davis & Shirtliff Case Study

Powering the Continent

One out of every one water pump in Kenya is a Davis & Shirtliff pump. For seventy years, the multi-billion shilling company has provided water and energy solutions not just in Kenya but a total of 8 African countries, with plans to expand its footprint to the entire continent. The company initially started as a water company, sinking boreholes, constructing swimming pools and providing water treatment, to a technology leader that seeks to improve people’s lives including in provision of advanced solar energy. With its expanded mandate and innovation, Davis & Shirtliff needed a strategic communications partner that understood their product, and has mastery of the media landscape to be able to deliver impactful results that positioned them properly just where they wanted to be.

Engagement and Activation at the Highest Levels

70 years and 70 hours are 70 years apart. CALLA PR knew with this rich heritage, Davis & Shirtliff strategic communications campaign could only be satisfactory if we helped them achieve the respect they deserve by positioning them as the authority in water and energy. Our strategy involved mapping out every single thing Davis & Shirtliff does, and mirroring it with how each impacts their consumers, who in this case is almost everybody in the region.

Improving people’s lives

Davis & Shirtliff today is known to be at the heart of innovation, developing tailored technological solutions and the home of cutting-edge research and development across East, Central and Southern Africa. Our communications strategies have put Davis & Shirtliff as the owner and at the very center of conversations around water and energy.