• The CALLA PR Team


CALLA PR is a Strategic Communications firm operating in Kenya that helps organizations manage perceptions in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and interconnected world. We craft insightful strategies that champion our clients’ interests and help them meet their business objectives in record time. The Firm has created a wide network of contacts across all sectors of society that will help our clients advance their business agenda.
CALLA PR differs from traditional public relations firms in several important aspects. We premise our business of solid relationships that continue to serve the interests of our clients’ businesses and operations. The firm has also developed a strong content creation team that is designed to give our clients a continuously flowing stream of media content.
Our competitive edge is premised on data and analytics as well as research.
To position ourselves as a leading source of East African insights, the firm is in the process of establishing its own media house.
We also facilitate our clients to own their own communication and drive their own narrative, with a media production team that packages broadcast content before dissemination to the press.
Last but not least, CALLA PR has a specializing team of Crisis Communications experts whose only mission is to protect the reputation of our clients from shocks and adversity. The team comprises highly skilled experts whose maneuvering is simply meticulous.

Who We Are

We manage the perceptions of their publics in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and interconnected world.
It’s all about what you want people to know!


Creating bonding relationships is what CALLA PR aims to achieve with the right people, through the right channels to offer the best services as your experts. We aim to assist local,regional and international companies in their communications needs in Kenya and East Africa, consistently looking for new ways for our clients to connect with their audiences.


We can handle your PR campaigns from concept to delivery, with a team of our highly qualified and professional content creators, researchers, media liaison and strategists.


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