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-Embracing diversity



-Knowing before it is known


-Investing in what works




-Tailored solutions

-Proven track-record



-The Right Skills

-Tactical quality

-Seamless processes


Media Relations

Storytelling that connects you directly to a societal nerve creating a conversation that both media and influencers want to join and extend. Our approach to media relations combines experience with a much more data-based understanding of the audience. Through a combination of partnerships and research we understand what platforms and channels people use and why, how the devices they use are changing their consumption habits and the specific content needs of media so that we can create meaningful visual assets that support our stories and make them shareable. But we also nurture and value a hands-on approach to building actual relationship with media – allowing us to be less transactional and more focused on appropriate co-creation. Across the country, our media experts (among their ranks are many former journalists) often collaborate across practices, sectors and geography to achieve the best results for our clients and to grow and evolve our approach in real time.

Strategy Creation and Implementation

Organizations have many messages to communicate across many channels. Often, they also have many agencies to manage, all working on related pieces of the communications and marketing mix. It’s a “many messages, many channels, many partners” challenge. CALLA PR’s strategic integration team understands how to address this challenge. Collaborating with other agency partners to develop holistic marketing communications plans that connect the dots across disciplines and remits, we identify where communications can connect and elevate efforts across paid, earned, shared and owned channels by building and leading interdisciplinary teams from across the firm, within the network of our parent company (Omnicom Group) and with outside partners.

Public Affairs

Our comprehensive approach is designed to reach, inform and persuade those who influence public policy and, by extension, the success of a brand, product, or a company’s freedom to operate. CALLA PR’s Public Affairs counselors bring decades of experience to manage complex legislative, regulatory, and reputational opportunities and challenges they face today. From Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, we keep our clients informed about key legislative and regulatory developments. We help them “see around the corner” to prepare for what may come. And we engage the most credible advocates to help build consensus, inform opinion, and stake out leadership positions on critical issues of the day. Simply stated, we design and execute national and international PR campaigns that win.

Business to Business Communication

Insight-led Relationship Development. Awareness and Trust-building initiatives that fuel lead generation. Nimble and seamlessly integrated marketing. CALLA PR brings its Business-to-Business clients these vital attributes unlike any other firm. Through fully integrated teams we deliver business value at every phase of your customers’ increasingly convoluted decision journey. We are real-time students of the trends and challenges buffeting B-to-B marketers — from the consumerization of marketing promises, channels and tools, to the increased complexity of your customers’ decision-making process, to the need to draw actionable insights from a preponderance of data. We help you earn trust and mitigate risk in a fast changing world. To keep customers in the loyalty loop, and inoculate the brand from future risks, it’s important to establish a “runway of trust.” Build trust with transparency, integrity and actions that match your words.

Crisis and Risk Management

The trust of customers and the public is developed by how companies manage reputational risk and crisis response. This is where our global Crisis & Risk Mitigation team can help, especially when the stakes are highest. Our team has built a proven record, validated by very high client satisfaction scores, of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organizational asset: reputation. We represent multidisciplinary backgrounds that include skilled litigators, investigative journalists, business intelligence specialists, veterans of government service and communicators from a variety of business sectors. With team members in more than 65 offices around the world, Edelman is connected 24/7 to provide strategic support and advocacy. Our team counsels global companies, mid-sized organizations, nonprofits, government entities and high-profile individuals to tackle a range of preparedness, reputational and communications challenges. Our strength lies in an ability to accommodate a breadth of issues and scope while executing flawlessly for our clients. Over the last 10 years, reputational crisis and risk has escalated dramatically, ushering an era when operating realities require companies to be prepared to move at the new pace of risk. With the growing confluence and influence of social media, rapidly expanding customer expectations and private regulation driven by cause-oriented nongovernmental organizations, a growing gap exists between reputational risks and organizational capacity to manage them.

Company Positioning

In times of rapid change and transformation, your brand can be a powerful trustmark for customers, partners and employees. Your brand is a source of great value that must be managed and nurtured over time. To help define, manage and establish your brand, we offer: Defining brand is the second first step to STRUCTURAL PR™ that brings solidity and sustainability to any organization.

Executive Coaching Services

With a track record of working on some of the country’s most well-known projects, CALLA PR is uniquely positioned to offer government, private sector and other organizations the strategic support needed for success. From building and protecting support for regional projects to partnering with large development companies overseas, CALLA’s worldwide network provides an unmatched combination of local impact and global influence.

Legal Communications and Support

Today, the court of public opinion is as important as the courtroom itself. Our Litigation Communications counselors are experienced in government enforcement actions to regulatory investigations to intellectual property rights litigation. And we help companies and law firms alike navigate complex communications challenges. The result? Messages that reach the important publics outside the courtroom. From initial filings to trials and out-of-court settlements, we help manage the opinion environment around disputes at all stages of the process. We've been on the firing line of some of the largest and most closely watched class-actions and mass torts in history. We understand the role of strategic communications in protecting corporate reputation. And we’re experts in crafting clear, persuasive communications that resonate with non-legal audiences.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement has risen on the agenda of public relations recently mostly due to the introduction of real-time media and new hybrid forms of marketing, advertising and public relations. Engaging stakeholders is not a simple task in the information rich environment, and can be compared to a pinball match; organizational messages now have direct access, but often bounce randomly around in the online environment. To simplify measurement of public relations in this complex, unpredictable environment.

Influencers/Opinion Leaders

We are a diverse team of media experts comprised of communications strategists and former reporters based in the world’s leading media markets. Each and every day, the team works with the most influential media to shape reputation and have an unrivaled knowledge of the global news agenda.

SMEs Development

We believe the SME sector is crucial to the growth of the country and wealth creation, with a unique mandate to create jobs. Our strategies include identifying opportunities and gaps for SMEs with the view of connecting them to their targeted publics.

Content Creation

We are a content first company, curating and composing the most relevant and engaging stories for brands, organizations, and institutions across traditional and social media. We bring powerful narratives to life, driving target audience behavior. Content strategy is the high-level planning of the elements required to coherently and effectively establish and maintain a brand’s image online.

Broadcast Production

Content creation is the heart of our business. We offer clients a range of formats, and create material for each that follows the trends and adds value to the audience.

News Media

CALLA PR has a team of experienced journalists and correspondents that goes out to the field and gathers news for dissemination to targeted audiences.

Research and Analytics

The expression is well-known: Facts are stubborn things. But it’s that stubbornness to being true that makes them crucial when telling your story – whether by establishing authentic communications or uncovering the insight that sparks a powerful idea. Yet, facts alone are not enough for shaping success. It is through deliberate data gathering and thoughtful analysis of facts that we are able to unlock insights and generate the transformative ideas that shape a company’s success. So CALLA PR’s research and analytics team provides below-the-surface analytics, measurement, and insights discovery capabilities to help companies accomplish their business objectives. We assess audiences, channels and content – and the interplay among them – to arrive at the most actionable strategy.


  • We promise our work on solutions
  • We initiate strategic relationships necessary for you
  • We are versatile
  • We work with expertise
  • We have extensive networks
  • We keep our team close, dedicated and with a common goal
  • We are informed by a well-phased measurable strategy